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Seventeen Again

Via Mindintrusion1978

dahkma @ the courthouse last night, i think this is like their second show ever. excellent band/people

Video of Dakhma’s set from a couple nights ago in k-zoo. This show was a blast and I can’t wait to go back.


Looking for a place in Detroit

Im moving to Detroit in September and currently looking for a place. if anyone has an open room/knows someone with an open room please get a hold of me, Or if you can point me in a direction to find a space it would help me out a lot. 

Michigan Meltdown 2014
What a blast, Holy shit all the bands where awesome. My Band, Dakhma, Played first. I think it went really well, since it was only our second show.   

shoot by Steve Paseshnik


Positive Noise

Permanent Ruin